COE Spartacus

General: SpartacusEdit

Spartacus is the first general players encounter.  For a very long time, it was the only general with functional spells.

"I am Spartacus, a slave no more!"


  1. Shield Protection - after each attack or each time Spartacus casts a spell, allies will receive 1 Shield charge. Allies with $N Shield charges will block the next incoming attack.
  2. Gladius Sweep - Spartacus swings his blade, deals $GS(+Damage Rating) physical damage to enemies in target area (300 Range), and gives 1 Shield charge to allies within. (Buildings receive 5 times damage)
  3. Scutum Bash - Spartacus bashes his enemy with his shield, deals $SB(+Damage Rating) physical damage and stuns target for $SB_SEC seconds.  All deployed allies recieve 1 Shield charge. (Buildings receive 5 times damage)
  4. Slave Revolt - Spartacus roars with rages, giving $SR_PCT% attack speed bonus for 5 seconds and 1 shield charge fo allies within 300 range.
  5. Gladiator's Leap - Spartacus strikes from sky, crashing down at a target area.  Deals $GL(+GL_D) physical damage to enemies within, slows their movement speed and attack speed by $GL_S for 10 seconds. (Buildings receive 5 times damage).