Historic cities are special places in the map of each realm. Players close to them get a higher production and a daily bonus package with ressources, gems or credits. With activated city spot markers on map, the spots with a bonus are marked in gold, regular spots are shown in blue.

Due to the large production bonus, those spots (especially around City of Throne and Rome) are popular in all realms and wars for those spots are common.

Name Position Range Production bonus Daily package
City of Throne 678,678 9* 100% - 200% Throne package
Rome 540,540 15 100% Senior package
London 447,447 12 50% Medium package
Madrid 630,630 12 50% Medium package
Commagene 507,615 9 25% Junior package
Manchester 462,570 9 25% Junior package
Victoria 570,462 9 25% Junior package
Barcelona 615,507 9 25% Junior package

* the influence range looks different from the other historic cities. The ingame description of 3 is a bit misleading.