COE Cleopatra
"I will not be triumphed over!"


  1. Mirror Image - Passive: When Cleopatra's deployed unit drops below (10->55)% health, it creates a mirror image that deals no damage and lasts for 8 seconds. (12->3) second cooldown.
  2. Summon Phantom - Cleopatra summons a Phantom in the target area, taunting enemies within 500 range. The Phantom lasts (5.0->6.8) seconds and has (5000->14000) hitpoints.
  3. Magic Chains - Cleopatra flings illusionary chains towards an enemy and shackles it, as well as (2->4) other enemies nearby, dealing (30->57)(+AP) magic damage. The shackled enemies are unable to move or attack for 2 seconds.
  4. Entertainment - Cleopatra entertains deployed units and heals allies in 400 range for (50->100)(+AP) health per second during 6 seconds.(Buildings receive 5 times health)
  5. Charm - Cleopatra charms an enemy to fight for her side for (5.0->10.0) seconds.