Infantry Any Single Target Ground 1 15s  150                      
Archer Any Single Target Ground and Air 1 18s 225                       
Thief Resource Single Target Ground 1 18s 300                        
Armored Grunt Defensive Single Target Ground 5 1m 12s 115                       
Saboteur Wall Area Splash Ground 1 36s 225                      
Gladiator Any Single Target Ground 2 1m 150                       
Wizard Any Area Splash Ground and Air 4 3m 225                      
Priestess Any Area Splash Ground 14 6m 250                       
Sky Lantern Any Area Splash Ground and Air 20 8m 200                       
War  Elephant Any Single Target Ground 25 10m 150                  

Chaos Knight        Defensive           single targe /       Ground                    40              15m          120            

                                                     targets behind

Chaos Knight - The fierce Warrior chaos knight, is the mightiest warrior in the land of evony never beaten. he had conqoured lands destryed enimies and has never lost. battling the mightiest enemy in the land they challenged for their powers and the looser loosing their power. so he challenged the mighty Aotrax(enemy), but in the first few seconds the chaos knight knew he had overthough his power and knew he coulnd't win. with this though he backed away but by not battling aotrax The might aotrax struck him down when chaos knight was running and had fell. Aotrax Grew mighty and powerful from the all mighty chaos knights power and the chaos knight was defeated his soul was vanquished to the realm of miccosukee and forever after that day he was turned into a human who had to build a base to fight the enemy off. forever that day chaos knight was removed from the barracks and then the mighty chaos knight started a base in the coordinates of R-*  X-***  Y-***

live safe chaos knight, you power will be restored in the balance of evil and good. 08:44, October 2, 2015 (UTC)

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